The Crown has stood proudly in the idyllic setting of Pulham Market village green and adjacent to the local church and graveyard for many hundreds of years. Records suggest the oldest parts of the building date back to the 15th century beginning life as two timber framed buildings.

The grade two listed building has seen many modifications over the years and has grown in size to now accommodate a bar area, two seating areas for food and drink and a separate dining room which can also be used as a function room.
With inglenook fires and wood burners, comfy armchairs, warm and welcoming dining areas, the free house has lost none of its medieval charm whilst delivering local food and ales of the finest standards.

Whilst enjoying a visit to The Crown take time to look at some of the magnificent remains of the days of old. The first thing you will notice when stepping inside is the low timber beams and timber framed wall structure and the magnificent fire place. There are several fireplaces which have been modified and some added over the years, but still shows signs of early brickwork and the main one was almost certainly used for cooking in passed times.

Research suggests that the pub originally started out as three cottages and was used to house builders working on the church. It is rumoured that the sloping floors were supposedly caused by the weight of the builders of the church who slept there in the 14th century.

No pub as old as The Crown would not be without a resident ghost and tales from several sources suggest a gentleman of the past can be sensed in one corner of the establishment and the smell of his favourite smoke can be picked up when he is visiting. Do ask if you would like to join him at his favourite table.

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